Seek, Sense, Share – Your City Practice in the Networks

The implementation of the SDGs requires enhanced action in territories based on political leadership, improved capacities and increased resources. One key tool to foster transformation is peer-to-peer learning between local and regional governments. Sharing practices and experiences as part of a network can improve our knowledge, capacities and confidence in urban management, inclusion, sustainable growth, and governance. 

Learning and the transfer of practices between cities can be felt in communities, neighborhoods and regions in the form of improved services and better informed, more responsive civil servants. This key document, summarises the outcomes of the Third UCLG Learning Forum, which took place during the UCLG World Congress in Bogotá, analyzing the key outcomes and opportunities of peer-learning for UCLG internal and external networks and partners.


Estrategia de prevención social de la violencia – PAZOS

Este recurso de aprendizaje tiene como objetivo principal documentar la estrategia PAZOS: Paz y Oportunidades, implementada en la ciudad de Palmira, Colombia. La estrategia aborda la complejidad de la violencia urbana y la construcción de paz con un enfoque integral...

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