PLN – 9
Searching for the promised land of Public Space: The key to an equitable African city

Organizing partners

Imagine Durban

Hosting city

Durban, South Africa

Good practices

  • UN-Habitat’s Resource on Public Space Principles and Practice: Towards a Global Toolkit’ consists of  principles, defines public space approach, and a selection of tools and case studies
  • Case studies in:
    • São Paolo, Brasil: public policy includes neighbourhood equipment and new parklets
    • Bogota, Colombia: educational campaign and team building with citizens, ciclovias (closing main roads on sundays and holidays for cycling), development of TransMilenio rapid train system
  • Durban starting to define, reclaim, and reflect on the value of public space by engaging the public, providing tailor-made responses,  recognizing the importance of placemaking, and changing policies, planning frameworks, structures and systems.