Learning Forum

The Learning Forum is a space for the discussion, exchange, creation and implementation of new learning methodologies, contents, and strategic partnerships between our members, universities and citizenship. It is a community of practitioners, experts, and policy makers aiming to support the advancement of UCLG policy priorities by strengthening local capacity and building on the experience, knowledge, creativity and commitment of our membership.

e-Learning Opportunities #LearningWithUCLG

Online course

Introduction to
Localizing the SDGs

Online course

Territorial Planning
for the SDGs

Online course

Monitoring the SDGs
from the local level


Towards HLPF 2020 –
LRGs in the SDG
reporting process

Spotlight on: Safer, Resilient and Sustainable Cities, Capable of Facing Crises


The Importance of Local Public Services in the COVID-19 era

Learning from Cities in Crises

Metropolitan Perspective on Fragility and Resilience

Emergency Governance Initiative for Cities and Regions

Learning Module

Fundamentals of Resilient Governance and Development

Learning within UCLG

Explore the following documents to gain insights on how local and regional governments understand and implement learning in an increasingly connected and complex environment.

Seek, Sense, Share

Your City Practice in the Networks

City to City

A Guide to the UCLG Learning Universe

Emilia Saiz

Secretary General of UCLG

Solidarity is in the DNA of our global movement. But collaboration cannot be done without a clear purpose. That purpose for us is improving the lives of people. And to improve, we need to learn.

Sara Hoeflich

Learning Director, UCLG

Learning is the way we try to engage with the problems our members face, what they feel as a need, and from there try to build capacity.

Bernadia Irawati

Secretary General of UCLG-ASPAC

The spirit of solidarity, the spirit of respect, are a very important component of learning, especially in international cooperation.

Harold Jarche

Expert on Management and Education

Encouraging informal and opportunity driven cooperation is a significant shift in how we need to approach workplace learning in a world based on knowledge networks.

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