City to City: A Guide to the UCLG Learning Universe

UCLG actively promotes and provides platforms and entry points for dynamic decentralised cooperation, including peer exchanges and a wide range of other learning activities. Addressing demands from the cities requires leadership, commitment and an autonomous decision towards cooperation or association through networks. Demand-driven learning from the experiences of other cities is practical and enables cities to share their experiences of what has worked and what has not worked in their particular contexts. This special public-public partnering, that involves open and frank dialogue between many stakeholders, helps leaders reflect, learn and ground experiences. 

This publication seeks to bring together a sample of our members’ efforts – the UCLG universe of learning – illustrating some of the practices of decentralised cooperation and learning between cities over recent years. This rich array includes experiences from municipal associations from both the North and South, Regional Sections and Committees of UCLG, as well as direct city-to-city cooperation.


Estrategia de prevención social de la violencia – PAZOS

Este recurso de aprendizaje tiene como objetivo principal documentar la estrategia PAZOS: Paz y Oportunidades, implementada en la ciudad de Palmira, Colombia. La estrategia aborda la complejidad de la violencia urbana y la construcción de paz con un enfoque integral...

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