UCLG App “The SDGs: What Local Governments Need to Know”

The SDGs app (and website), developed by UCLG, helps you discover how each one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals is directly related to the daily work of local and regional governments. With an interactive format, it allows you to easily navigate through the different goals and targets, understanding why local governments should not simply be viewed as the implementing bodies of Agenda 2030, but indeed as important policy-makers and catalysts for change best positioned to link the global goals to local communities.


Online course: Monitoring the SDGs from the local level

The 2030 Agenda sets up a roadmap to foster inclusive and sustainable communities through the different SDGs, targets and indicators. With a large part of the targets depending on the engagement of local and regional governments (LRGs), monitoring progress in their...

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Online course: Territorial Planning for the SDGs

Within the context of the SDGs, planning is the process of establishing objectives, developing strategies, outlining provisions for implementation and assigning resources to meet these objectives. In this course,  based on the Training of Trainers Learning Module 2,...

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