Webinar: Learning from Cities in Crises – Metropolitan Perspective on Fragility and Resilience

The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated how city managers have responded to challenges working with limited resources and frameworks that are not designed to respond to an emergency on this scale. There is now a consensus among the international urban and metropolitan community on the need for new and adaptive tools not only to face the pandemic but to prepare for the world to come. 

When it comes to the metropolitan dimension, further governance challenges arise, and increased coordination between different institutions and between different urban thematics is more needed than ever. This webinar by Metropolis & UNDP aims to identify solutions for cities that can help to address specific challenges that are emerging during these tumultuous times.


Online course: Monitoring the SDGs from the local level

The 2030 Agenda sets up a roadmap to foster inclusive and sustainable communities through the different SDGs, targets and indicators. With a large part of the targets depending on the engagement of local and regional governments (LRGs), monitoring progress in their...

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Online course: Territorial Planning for the SDGs

Within the context of the SDGs, planning is the process of establishing objectives, developing strategies, outlining provisions for implementation and assigning resources to meet these objectives. In this course,  based on the Training of Trainers Learning Module 2,...

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Online course: Introduction to Localizing the SDGs

The SDGs have been established at the global level to help create a more sustainable planet and a free, prosperous, and peaceful society. Localizing these objectives at the sub-national level is of paramount importance. In this course, based on our Training of...

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