PLN #26 – Climate Resilience and Urban Development
Climate Resilience and Urban Development

Organizing partners

Association of German Cities (Deutscher Stadtetag)
City of Niteroi
Engagement Global and its Service Agency Communities in One World
National Front of Mayors of Brazil (FNP)
Connective Cities
German Corporation for International Cooperation (GIZ)
United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG)

Hosting city

Niteroi, Brazil

Good practices

  • Linking Climate Adaptation, Resilience and Sustainability
  • Risk assessment
    • Niteroi, Brazil: Integrated Geoinformation Management System
    • Risaralda, Colombia: Localizing climate impact models
  • Comprehensive planning
    • Dortmund, Germany: Integrated adaptation to climate change
    • Monteria, Colombia: Climate Change Master Plan
  • Financing
    • ADAPTUR, Mexico: Mobilizing resources from the private sector
    • Portoviejo, Ecuador: Building Back Better
  • Citizen participation
    • Niteroi, Brazil: Risk awareness in schools and communities
    • Paraná, Argentina: Water basins as a territorial unit for citizen-government coordination